What should I do to make sure the session is a success?

As the session has a time limit, the assignment will be carried under the conditions in which the Visual Content Creator finds the venue. 
It is your or your client's responsibility to ensure that the location is ready when the Visual Content Creator arrives
Here are some tips for real estate sessions: 

  • Clean every room of the property making sure the lights work in all of them;
  • Remove all personal items to make the environment as neutral as possible;

And for food sessions:

  • Reserve a table next to the window or somewhere with a lot of light for the whole of the session;
  • Cook and prepare the dishes 10-15 minutes before the Visual Content Creator arrives.

It is extremely important that the person present on site can be reached easily. Make sure you've included all this person's information when placing your order (correct full name, phone number, email address and address of the location), so that the Visual Content Creator and/or our support team can get in touch with them if necessary.