After signing up with BOOM

How does the BOOM platform work?

Welcome to BOOM’s platform! 🤗 After logging into the platform you land on your Order list page by default. On the left of the pages you always find the main navigation menu. Thanks to it you'll always understand which area of the platform you are in. From the Order list page you can easily perform the following actions: - Oversee all your orders 👀 (organized in different sections: "Created", "In progress", "Done", "Canceled") and their main information - Search and filter your orders...

How do I book an order?

Once your account has been created by our teams you just need to click on the “New order” button on the top of the page. A new page will appear, that's the order creation form! You can place an order in just 3 quick steps! Step 1️⃣ Fill out all the mandatory fields and then click on “Next” to proceed with the second step. - Company: select a Company of your Organization. This field is visible only if your Organization has more than a Company. In that case you'll have to select whi...

Where can I find the orders I've booked?

From from the Order list you can see all your orders organized by default in different sections. Each section represent an order status: "Created", "In progress", "Done" and "Canceled". Thanks to the status you can easily understand in which stage of the life cycle the order is in. From the Order list you can oversee all your orders and some of their main information: - Order code and Company name (who placed the order) - Business/Property name and address (where the visual content se...

Where can I find the Accounting section?

You'll find your Accounting section in the organization page. You will need to select the Company of your interest and then click on Billing in order to get a list of the orders that have been completed 💰.You will be also able to choose a custom time frame.

How can I contact the Support Team?

You can always contact us via email at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) with any questions or queries you may have ✉️. Our team will reply within 24 hours. For any issue regarding an assignment in the next 24 hours, please go on our website ( and look for the blue chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen 💬. We will assist you right away!