Payments are made monthly by bank transfer after invoices are submitted. Please send invoices to [email protected] by the 5th of each month. Only include assignments completed in the previous month (from 1st to 31st of that month).
e.g. on 3rd February you can send an invoice for the assignments marked as completed on the platform between the 1st and the 31st of January.
To check the assignments you have completed in the previous month, you need to click on the “Accounting” section on the top part of your Dashboard. Here you can select the month and the year you are interested in and filter your assignments, you will also find a button where you can download our template that you can use when preparing your invoice.

You can either use your own template or download ours. Make sure all the details are included and all the fields are filled out. Your bank details are essential and mandatory for us to be able to pay you.
Payments are made on the 15th of each month, or the next working day, please allow a few days for the bank transfer to come through.
We offer PayPal* as an additional payment option for photographers in all regions except Europe and the United States of America. In this case, when you send the invoice, just send the payment link with the correct amount and currency to [email protected]. Please specify in the invoice that you prefer this option.
*Please note that PayPal may apply transaction fees which unfortunately cannot be predicted at the time of payment and therefore cannot be covered by BOOM.