How do I book an order?

Once your account has been created by our teams you just need to click on the “New order” button on the top of the page.

A new page will appear, that's the order creation form! You can place an order in just 3 quick steps!

Step 1️⃣

Fill out all the mandatory fields and then click on “Next” to proceed with the second step.

  • Company: select a Company of your Organization. This field is visible only if your Organization has more than a Company. In that case you'll have to select which company you are booking the order for.
  • Who will be the main contact for the session? Enter the name and surname of someone on-site or responsible for the visual content session (i.e. A business owner such as a a property or restaurant owner). Then enter his/her email and telephone number(s).
  • Where will the order take place? Specify the visual content session location (venue address) and enter the name of the business/property where the visual content session will take place.
    This is now a mandatory field, as we no longer have the title (now deprecated). You can use this field to report any internal codes along with the business/property name.
  • You can add additional logistic information and useful details for the session (optional).
  • To whom the visual content will be delivered? You can enter one or more email addresses that will receive a link via email to download the final visual content of the order (optional).

Step 2️⃣

First of all, select the visual content: photoshoot or virtual tour (coming soon ⏳)

Then you'll see all the available packages for the visual content selected. You just have to select a package, and add some content specifications (optional) to enrich the order details.

Step 3️⃣

Now you have to choose a date and a time slot for the visual content session 📆.

ℹ️ Select the local time at venue of the session (no time zone conversion needed).
e.g. You can log into the platform from wherever 🌍  if the photoshoot is scheduled for 5 pm in NYC, just enter 5pm.

Order Summary 

After the three steps, you will see the Order summary 📋
In this page you can see a recap of all the information of the order. Check that everything is correct, then confirm and finalize your order! ✌️