Where can I find my assignments?

You’ll find your assignments on your Dashboard, in the Calendar view, or in the Activities section.
The status of the assignments is displayed in different colours:

  • PENDING (yellow): assignments that have been assigned to you, but that you still haven’t accepted or declined;
  • ACCEPTED (light blue): assignments that you have accepted;
  • POST PROCESSING (red): assignments for which you have uploaded the visual content required and that are still being reviewed by our team;
  • QUALITY CONTROL (olive green): assignments that have been reviewed by our team but that still need some additional material to be uploaded to the platform before being completed;
  • COMPLETED (light green): assignments that have been accepted by our review team and delivered to the client;
  • TO BE RESHOT (dark red): assignments that have been refused by our review team;
  • CANCELLED (light purple): assignments that have been cancelled by the clients