How do I upload content to the platform?

Log in to your Boom account. Under the Calendar or Assignment tab, find the order you want to upload the photos to.

You’ll be able to see 2 separate upload boxes in the “photoshoot details” section of the platform. In the first one, you’ll be able to upload your photos, in the second one you can upload the release form if requested by your assignment. If not requested, leave it empty.

We only accept RAW file formats (e.g. NEF, CR3, ARW...). Videos or other visual formats (e.g. JPG, PNG...) won’t be accepted by the system.

You will not be able to upload more than the maximum number of photos indicated above the box. So please select your pictures carefully before uploading.

☝️ Remember that for Real Estate assignments, the number of contents that need to be uploaded takes into account also the -2/+2 bracketing (e.g. for an assignment that requests 15 contents, the platform will calculate 15*3 = 45 contents to be uploaded). Moreover, for Real Estate assignments only, the platform allows you to upload 4 extra contents with bracketing.