Payments and Invoicing

How do payments work?

Invoices should be sent bi-monthly 📅: - Send your invoice by the 18th of the month for all photoshoots completed by the 15th of the same month (for example, for photoshoots completed on January 2nd, 10th, or 15th, you have until January 18th to send your invoice). - Send your invoice by the 1st of the following month for all photoshoots completed from the 16th to the 30th of the month (for example, for photoshoots completed by January 18th, 22nd, or 30th, you may send your invoice by Febr...

What if I’ve worked for a few months but haven't invoiced my work yet?

Prepare separate invoices - one for each month - and send all of them by the 5th of the next month. Please invoice amounts corresponding to no more than 3 months' completed work.

What do I have to include in my invoice?

When creating your invoice in PDF, please make sure to include the following details: - Name and Surname 🆔 - Address: street name and number, city, zip code, country 🏠 - Your VAT/national taxpayer number (if requested by your country's invoicing system) 📑 - Your bank details 🏦 - Invoice number 🔢 - Issue date and due date 📅 - Assignments’ codes for which you’re invoicing 📸 - Invoicing period (e.g. Jan 1st - Jan 15th) 📅 - Amount we owe you (it must match the amount you see on ...

Are national taxes paid by BOOM?

Calculating tax depends on the country you live in, and it's your responsibility to ensure you comply with national laws. Remember that the total amount we pay matches your monthly balance on the platform. Please note that we are unable to provide any tax advice as this is not our field of expertise. Being independent contractors, we recommend you consult your accountant if you have any doubt about your taxes. For any other questions regarding your invoice, please feel free to contact [email protected]

Where can I find the assignments I need to put in my invoice?

You should be able to see the amounts, corresponding to the assignments pending that you need to issue an invoice for, in the Accounting section on your profile on the platform. There you have the option to select the month and issue the corresponding invoice. Please remember that all the assignments you see there, correspond to the sessions labeled as COMPLETED and therefore eligible for the payment. ⚠️ Be sure to invoice them only if they are already present in this section. Assignments ...

Why can’t I see the earnings and reimbursements for travel expenses for my current assignments in my accounting section?

The amounts and reimbursements for travel expenses cannot be viewed in your accounting section until the corresponding assignments are marked as Completed on the platform or have been cancelled.

Can I get more information about my tax regime?

As an independent contractor, for information regarding your tax regime you should check the regulations of your country of residence and always consult an accountant. It's your responsibility to ensure you comply with national laws and Boom won’t be held responsible for any inaccuracy in the invoice. If you are an Italian photographer, the tax regime is different for each particular case and varies depending on your freelance status. ℹ️ For any further assistance we recommend consulting your ...

Can I get more legal information?

Our contracts and legal agreements are drawn up and monitored by authorised professionals in accordance with Italian law. Should you need specific legal advice or assistance about your work with us, we will provide all the support we can. For legal advice for any specific situation you might be experiencing, we strongly recommend you reach out to a professional in your own country. We are nevertheless always available if you have any queries at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]).

The assignment took longer than expected, am I entitled to be paid more?

We always instruct the business/property managers to have the venue ready by the time of the scheduled session. Any delay on their part of more than 15 minutes does not oblige you in any way to stay longer than planned in order to complete the session. We do not cover any extra time, so please contact us to inform us of the situation on site via chat (look for the blue chat bubble at the bottom right on our website ( before deciding on your own (or at the business/property manag...